Simple Tricks that Will Scare the Snakes Away

Plano snake

Snakes are more scared than what we initially expect. They will immediately escape once they notice a sign of their predator. They will rather flee than confront the danger. However, it will still not hesitate to bite its attacker if it feels that it is being coerced or threatened. Before it attacks, it will make a series of taunting moves to warn the attacker. If you back off and give it enough space, the snake will immediately leave your premises.

What Are Some Ways to Scare the Snakes Away?
If the snake is just visiting your house, simple hazing methods can encourage them to leave your property. However, if they have already established their shelter in your house, you will need more than just the scare tactics that we will mention below.

Will Creating Vibrations Scare the Snakes?
Most snakes will not be able to pick up the sound waves in the air. Therefore, do not believe someone if they told you that an ultrasonic device could irritate them. Placing a radio in the infested area to give them the idea that humans are close to their den will not be sufficient. Instead of sounds, snakes can pick-up vibrations. Creating fast movements like stomping on the ground is the best method to scare them. However, make sure that you are not within the attack range of the snake. Otherwise, you can be in big trouble.

Using Your Garden Hose
Another useful and safe method is to use your garden hose. Simply spray the slithering creature with a steady force of water and wait until it leaves your property. This will be very practical, especially when the wind is cold. However, this may only be temporary; the snake may return to your property as soon as the coast is clear.

Installing Bird Perch Stand
Encouraging the presence of their predators will help you control the presence of snakes in your area. This method would be beneficial if you live in snake-prone areas. Find a perch pole that is designed explicitly for hawks, owls, and other enemies of the snake. Place them in a way that will allow the bird to have a good view of your yard and the nearby areas. Do not believe those alleged experts telling you that placing decoy falcons or owls will scare them. Snakes have very poor eyesight, and some of them will entirely rely on their sense of smell.

If you want to ensure that your place will be less vulnerable to snake invasion, you need to create a place that is not suitable for them. For instance, snakes love to move into places where they can hide their presence. Therefore, you might want to remove any elements that will help them conceal their movements. Trim down the bushes and shrubs regularly and mow your lawn. Discard the piles of rocks or leaves. Also, if you have a family of rodents in your house, they can attract the interest of the snake. Solving your underlying infestation will help you prevent snake visits. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Plano